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Paid Surveys 101 - Tips & Tricks

Making money with surveys requires some work. But itʻs still easer than most jobs youʻll ever have. Here are some tips to make most of your time to maximize your earnings. Also read our Beginnersʻ Guide To Paid Surveys.

  • Sign up with as many survey companies as possible
    These companies will be your employers from now on. They will send you your paychecks and they will give you your rewards for your work.

  • Be honest. Always give true answers
    Always provide real information and your honest opinion. If you are dishonest then your opinion is worthless to these companies because they want to hear what you think to help better their product or company.You risk not getting any more surveys or getting stuck at the same dollar amount of surveys. I know that you want to get some $20-30 ones! This is one of those times when it really does pay to be honest!

  • Get a secondary email. Donʻt use your personal email
    You will be getting tons of email from survey companies with various surveys and offers. Use a different email address! Sign up for one with Google or Yahoo or Hotmail.

  • The benefits of doing online surveys.
    1. You will receive payment for your survey taking no matter how long the transaction will be.
    2. Usually the minimum payment is around $5-$25.
    3. Most likely have many payment methods such as Paypal, cashiers checks, and more.
    4. You may receive coupons or products that have not been released, emailed to you for your input. You may also see videos and upcoming shows that has not been released as well.
    5. Most survey sites also offer sweepstakes offers, so if you take a survey you may be an contestant to win a large pot of money.
    6. Doesn’t consume much time.

  • Do sites that charge fees have better survey panels?
    No, these sites usually inflate their listings by providing links to "special rewards surveys" that actually end up being marketing ads or sites that require out of pocket expenses.

  • How does it work? Who will pay me?
    Its simple really. Corporations rely on consumer opinions when designing their products and services, and market research companies are willing to pay you for that valuable feedback.

  • Are all Paid Surveys the same?
    No, there are actually several types.
    1. Reward and Cash Paid Survey Sites - Survey Panels that reward members with money,  gift certificates, or other free stuff for completing online paid surveys.
    2. Sweepstakes Survey Sites - Sites that offer cash and prize sweepstake entries for taking online surveys.
    3. Paid to Try Offers - Sites that offer you cash to try offers. We do not list Get-Paid-To sites here, but we are working on adding this feature to our site.

  • Can anybody get paid to take surveys online?
    If you meet the country of residence requirements and are at least 18 years old, you can join any of our listed sites.

  • The flaws with online surveys
    1. There is usually a one to two minute screening process before taking the actual survey to see if you “qualify” for the survey.
    2. Most likely there is a minimum payout requirement before you can receive your earnings.
    3. For most survey sites, It takes around 2-4 weeks for a newly launched survey to finish and confirm your payment when the study has finished, so when you meet your minimum requirement and want to cash it out it can take 2-4 weeks before you receive your payment.
    4. Usually survey sites are not recommended for people over sixty because most survey sites conduct studies that are of the age groups from 6 and above. It is rare for an online study to be targeted on people who are over the age of sixty.
    5. It is unpredictable and inconsistent whether or not you will receive a survey, it all depends on your profile.

  • How To Increase your chances for getting good surveys
    Techniques such as joining multiple survey sites will increase your chances of getting surveys. In other words, increases your chances of earning more money from surveys.Updating your profile and adding your birthday, personal interests, and simple things like your occupation, will help increase your chances of receiving more surveys tremendously. Once again, it ALL depends on your profile. Your profile determines the frequent flow of surveys that gets sent into your email.

  • To Summarize It
  1. We suggest applying for every company on here
  2. Create a separate e-mail address from your regular one just for surveys to keep organized
  3. Add all companies to your address book
  4. Highlight your product features using bullet points
  5. All companies are proven to be legitimate and most are members of the Better Business Bureau.
  6. We will only add companies that have a long track history of paying their members!

    Now that we got that out of the way let’s talk about the different ways that you can make money for giving your opinion!
  7. Paid Surveys : This is the biggest and the most popular way. You will qualify within a few pages most of the time or already be qualified when you receive the email! The number you get depends on the number of companies you join. When I used to do this as a part time job I would get 100-125 emails a day offering me to do surveys, focus groups, paid to drive, and free products for giving my opinion. Each survey company was offering me $1, 5, 10, sometimes I would get one for $20 or more. They were fast, took only about 30 minutes on average, and I would do multiple surveys and one time to increase my earnings. I suggest you do the same. Point is there was a potential for me to make around $1000 that day if I qualified for every single survey. Let me go more into how the qualifying works.

    It is not always guaranteed they will pay you this money just because your inbox said “$50 Survey. Need Your Honest Opinion!” However, you will qualify about 60% of the time which is still enough to make good money. Qualifying for the survey is determined by if you fit the mold of the person they are looking for. To do this you have to provide them basic information before starting any survey and if you fit in the demographic they are looking for they will let you take the entire survey and earn the money!

    What are the companies looking for? How can I get the best surveys?
    It is crucial that you know what the research companies are looking for before you begin filling out your applications. These suggestions will give you a great start and help you receive more invitations to participate in research projects.

    Be honest. The people who review your applications are trained to spot misleading or dishonest answers. They will reject your application if they sense any dishonesty and you will never know about it.

    Answer all the questions on the application. Most times there will be screening questions included in the application that categorize you into different demographic groups. These questions may include personal information such as your age, race, political affiliation. You are usually not disqualified for NOT providing this information however if you don't answer a particular question and they need this information for a particular research project you may not qualify for that particular project. The best course of action is to answer all questions.

    Complete all the demographic sections of the application. Many times there will be sections that ask you to indicate your hobbies and interests or ask you to indicate which products you own or plan to buy. Be sure to complete these sections completely as they will be used to screen your qualifications for different research projects. For example, if you indicate that you own or plan to buy a cell phone you may qualify for a project that asks you to rate various cell phone promotional offers.

    Most of the demographic sections allow multiple answers. Be sure to indicate all that apply to you. However, don't over do it. You may be tempted to check all the items in each section to improve your chances of being selected. Don't do this. The reviewers are trained to disqualified applicants who are obviously embellishing their application. The best course of action is to be honest and only select the items that apply to you.

    Double check that your name, mailing address and email address are filled out correctly on the application. If you provide the wrong email address a company will not be able to contact you to participate. The mailing address you provide on your application will be used to mail your payment check.
    Sometimes they will already have all this information on file and you will just have to complete the survey to get the money! Now this could already have you excited to get going.. but if not focus groups are sure to get you fired up and ready to start making money!

    Summary: Once you provide a market research company with your profile, you will be notified about surveys that match your demographic information. The more sites you sign-up with, the more surveys you can fill out, and the more incentives you can earn. Participation in paid surveys is fun, interesting, and financially rewarding.

    Focus Groups

    This area is the most rewarding offers on the site. These are however, the hardest to get into because they only want a select few (usually 10 people). The good part is they value your time and pay very good! I have been paid $40, $60, and even $150 for a focus group before.

    Here is what you will need to be a optimum candidate to participate in a focus group:
    -Enough time to stay for the entire focus group (you cannot leave early!)
    - A desktop or laptop computer with internet access
    - Whatever software they decide to use for communication (live chat most of the time)
    - A webcam and microphone is suggested for this (they may ask beforehand if you have one and it is defiantly a plus)
    - A opinion on the product and a lot to say about it both negative and positive
    Summary: Online focus groups are a cost effective alternative to conventional "face-to-face" focus groups. Online focus groups generally invite 8 to 10 people to join for a specified period of time (90 minutes to two hours) in a specialized chat room. This controlled environment allows participants to view text, graphics, video or multimedia for evaluation and testing. It is not uncommon for observers from the client corporation to watch the group in action and send private messages to the co-moderators as the group is progressing.

    Incentive Offers

    List of what you can get from Freebie Sites:
  • - Free Gifts
    Examples: Ipods, TVs, Laptops, PS3, Louie Vuitton Bags, Ugg Boots, Xbox 360, iPhone

  • - Money Sent straight to your Paypal or by check. $100, 200, 300, 500.

  • Believe me there is a site for anything you want. We will only post legitimate sites since they are some that are new or not proven to actually send you the gift or money in the end. Either you will make money from these because you can just resell the product they send you. If you have trouble getting referrals just pay a few people you know to sign up (make sure they have different IP addresses though!)

  • Who doesn’t want some free gifts?! Incentives will keep you checking the mailbox everyday! Here's a sample of some of the ways you can get them.

  • Freebie Sites – They will pay you cash, prizes, for signing up and completing offers (sometimes they require a few). Here is a diagram to illustrate how they work. For a detailed explanation please read here.

  • Mystery Shopping - Paid to Drive, Shop, Eat, and more!

  • These companies are relatively easy to find but hard to get into. Once you are in the perks are endless. What happens is by shopping for them or going to a business with them you become a independent contractor. You will have to live in the U.S. or country they are located to work for them. Here is a outline of what to expect.

  • What You Need - You will be required to have a fax machine and printer to send them your receipts (you can mail but they will not like that)

  • Uncle Sam Oh Darn! - You will have to pay taxes if you make over $600 (that’s why you’re a “independent” contactor). Work At Your Own Pace - You can pick the date you want to do the task they assign you.

  • You have to provide them proof that you went to the store (like we mentioned a receipt and sometimes a picture from your phone)

  • They will pay for your expenses! This is one of the perks!

Now You're Ready!

Congratulations! Hopefully you took the time to read everything about each type of Paid Opinion Opportunity. If not you can always come back if you need a refresher. We DONT want you to fail and will do everything to help.



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