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Please note that survey companies often change their websites and may not take new members.
We try to keep this list fresh and up to date.

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Greenfield Online Surveys Apply Here:   http://www.GreenFieldSurveys.com USA
Nielsen/NetRanking Surveys Apply Here:   http://www.NielsenNetPanel.com USA
Global Market Surveys Apply Here:   http://www.GlobalMarketSurveys.com  USA
Opinion Square Apply Here: http://www.opinionsquare.com/ USA
American Opinion Apply Here: http://www.Acop.com/ International
MemoLink  Apply Here:   http://www.MemoLink.com International
I Think Inc. Apply Here:   http://www.IThinkInc.com International
Savitz research Apply Here: http://savitzresearch.com/ International
Shifrin Hayworth Apply Here:   http://www.shifrin-hayworth.com/
Medical Health Care Workers Surveys:
Apply Here


Global Surveys Apply Here:   http://www.GlobalSurveys.com International
Blarry House Research  Apply Here:   http://www.blarry.com International
Focus Line Apply Here:  http://www.focusline.com International
Q&A Research Apply Here: http://www.qar.com/ International
Global Test Market Apply Here: http://register.globaltestmarket.com/  
Executive Board Apply Here:   https://executiveadvisoryboard.com/ World Wide
Yahoo Research  Apply Here:   http://promo.yahoo.com/user_research/ International
Cobbey Inc. Apply Here:  http://www.cobbey.com/ USA
Question Market Apply Here:   http://www.questionmarket.com International
Test Spin Apply Here:   http://www.testspin.com International
CIAO CO UK Apply Here:  http://www.uk.ciao.com International
Clarion Research Apply Here:   http://www.clarionresearch.com International
Opinion Place Apply Here:    http://www.opinionplace.com/ International
Focus World Apply Here: http://www.focusworldint.com International
QStation INC Apply Here:   http://www.qstation.com/ International
IntelliQuest Apply Here:  http://www.techpanel.com/ National
Mars Research Apply Here:  http://www.marsresearch.com National
MBS Internet Apply Here: http://www.mbsinternet.net/registration.htm  
Surveys.com Apply Here:   http://www.surveys.com International
Begin Surveys Apply Here:   http://www.beginsurvey.com International
Opinion Trone Apply Here: http://www.opinion.trone.com International
Consumers Opinions Apply Here: http://www.consumer-opinions.com/ USA
Cyber Pulse Apply Here: http://www.cyberpulse.com/ USA
McMillion Research Apply Here: http://www.mcmillionresearch.com USA
You Say Inc. Apply Here: http://www.yoursay.com/ International
MySurvey Apply Here: http://www.mysurvey.com/ USA/Canada
Evox Apply Here: http://survey.opinionsearch.com/evox/ Prizes
Cash Surfers Apply Here: http://www.cashsurfers.com/ International
A Top Shop Apply Here: http://www.atopshop.com/ USA
Best Mark Apply Here: http://www.bestmark.com/ International
Consumer Connection Apply Here: http://www.consumerconnection.net/ USA/Canada
Focus On Service Apply Here: http://www.focusonservice.com/ USA/Canada
Survey Site Apply Here: http://www.surveysite.com/ International
User Works Apply Here: http://www.userworks.com International
Brand Institute Inc. Apply Here: https://www.brandinstitute.com/ International
Your 2 Cents Apply Here: http://www.your2cents.com/ International
LightSpeed Research Apply Here: http://www.lightspeedresearch.com USA
Consumer Link Apply Here: USA Residents
All Other Countries - Click Here
Digital Research Apply Here: http://www.digitalresearch.com/ International
ELab Inc Apply Here: http://www.elab.com International
Socratic Forum Apply Here: http://www.socraticforum.com International
PBS Associates Apply Here: http://www.psbsurveys.com/ International
Vividence Inc. Apply Here: http://panel.vividence.com/ International
Spider Metrix Apply Here: http://www.spidermetrix.com/ International
Internet Poll Apply Here: http://www.internetpoll.com/ International
E Poll Apply Here: http://www.epoll.com/ Worldwide
Survey Spot Apply Here:  http://www.surveyspot.com/ USA,Canada
Click IQ Apply Here: http://www.clickiq.com/ USA
NPD Online Apply Here: http://www.npdor.com/ USA, Canada, UK, France
Buzz Back Apply Here:  http://www.buzzback.com International
Online Surveys Apply Here: http://www.onlinesurveys.com/ International
I Say Inc. Apply Here: http://www.Isay.com International
i-Say Canada Apply Here: http://www.i-say.ca/join/ Canada
Survey Cafe Apply Here: http://www.surveycafe.com/ International
Wired In Sites Apply Here: http://www.wiredinsites.com USA
Consumer Views Apply Here: http://www.consumerviews.com/ Worldwide
GreenField Online Apply Here: http://www.greenfieldonline.com/ Worldwide
Canada Consumer Apply Here: http://canada.consumerlink.com/ Canada only
Zoom Panel Apply Here: http://www.zoompanel.com/ International
Drug Voice Apply Here: http://www.drugvoice.com/ USA
Bell Weather Surveys Apply Here:  http://www.bellwethersurveys.com/ World Wide

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