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Beginnersʻ Guide To Paid Surveys

Making money with surveys requires some work. But itʻs still easer than most jobs youʻll ever have. Here are some tips to make most of your time to maximize your earnings.

  • Step 1: Register for every paid survey site that is in your country. If you located in the United States then join every company that is listed unless it says International. For those outside of the United States there are country specific surveys that we can send you by e-mail aside from the ones that we have listed on the site. When registering make sure you use accurate information so you can truthfully answer the surveys that they send you. We also strongly suggest creating a separate e-mail just for paid surveys. As you will soon discover there are a ton of paid survey sites out there and that could get mixed in with your regular e-mail and overlooked. The surveys are only open for a limited number of participants and/or time which means you want to take them soon as you can.

  • Step 2: Now that you have joined every company the hard part is over. It is a game of waiting and patience for each company to send you their paid surveys. The best way to improve your chances of qualifying for surveys is to take the screening test like Greenfield Online has. These just help the companies to know you a little better and figure out what your interests and hobbies are so they can send you surveys that match that.

  • Step 3: Since most of the members have never done paid surveys you need to know some of the tips and tricks to qualify and avoid wasting time with surveys that will not pay real money.

  • Keep an eye out for "GUARANTEED $5.00 FOR COMPLETING THIS SURVEY". This is a way of knowing how much they will pay you even before you open the survey. Not all companies send the e-mail like that but SurveySpot, Greenfield Online, and Ipos-ISay like to do that. Avoid taking the surveys that offer a free entry to sweepstakes. The odds are just not in your favor it is better to spend your time joining more companies and completing inventive offers (we will touch on them later).

  • Step 4: At this point you are in the survey and are trying to qualify for it. Think: What would this company be looking for out of this survey? If the survey is about HDTV's and they ask if you have bought one in a year of course you will not qualify if you say NO! Sometimes they are looking for a certain age group or real specific location for the survey so you will instantly not qualify. Do not get discouraged just move onto the next survey.
  • On average you should qualify for 3-4 surveys per company each month. Most of our top earning members have been reporting about that same amount from The Top 10 Companies and have not had any trouble with payouts. Every company has either Check or Paypal as a payment method which is real convenient. The required amount to reach payout is for the most part very low if they have any at all. Most of the survey companies will have the money paid to you within 7 days.

  • Step 5: Ask questions or for clarification. If there is something in Steps 1-4 that does not make sense or you would like a further explanation please contact our survey support team. We can let you know what has been working for us (we take surveys too!) and find more companies for your specific country.


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