Here are some questions commonly asked by the many people that visit our site. We hope they shed some more light on how Paid Surveys work, and if you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch – we’re here to help!

Q.) Does taking surveys really pay good cash?

A.) Yes. Our database is full of surveys ranging from $20 - $150, and the more surveys you take, the more money you make! It’s that simple. What’s more, as a full member of Get Paid Taking Surveys, you have 100% access to our latest surveys, and hot tips from our Insider’s Corner on the easiest and most lucrative surveys.


Q.) What’s the difference between a focus group and a survey?

A.) A survey normally consists of 10-30 questions and can be finished within minutes, whereas a focus group is longer and might stay with you for a couple of days. Typically, a focus group might ask you a few questions on a specific subject, wait for your response and come back with more questions based on that response. For this reason, Focus groups pay a lot more than shorter surveys.


Q.) Can I participate in both surveys and focus groups?

A.) Yes, at your convenience. As a full member, both surveys and focus groups are available for you to participate in and you can choose according to how much time you have and money you want to make.


Q.) Is payment guaranteed?

A.) Yes – payment is guaranteed We work with reputable companies with excellent reputations, who treat participants as professionals. We have never experienced a scenario where a company has failed to pay a member. In the event that this were to occur, we would expect to be informed by the member and approach the relevant company on your behalf.


Q.) How is payment usually made?

A.) Companies pay within 1-2 weeks of receipt of completed survey and pay by check or paypal.


Q.) Does this work on all computers?

A.) Yes – surveys and focus groups can be completed from any computer and no special equipment is needed.


Q.) Do I need special knowledge of any subjects?

A.) No. Participating companies need ordinary consumers to take part in their surveys – you don’t need to be a specialist in anything.


Q.) Do I need to prove that I’m a consumer?

A.) No. Participating companies consider every human on the planet a consumer, simply because they are able to have an opinion on their customer experience. You don’t need to buy products from the company in order to complete their surveys.


Q.) Do I need to download anything to take surveys?

A.) No. You don’t need to download anything to take surveys. Full membership gives you access to all the latest surveys and focus groups on our list, which we email to you on a frequent basis.


Q.) Do you ever run out of surveys?

A.) No. Surveys and focus groups play a huge part in the growth and profit of major companies across the globe. Brands like Walmart, Nike and many more NEED feedback from consumers like you on a regular basis. In fact, they actually struggle to find ordinary people prepared to take their surveys, which is why they’re always willing to pay!


Q.) How do I know this is a legitimate employment offer?

A.) Paid surveys have been around for years. We decided to partner with leading companies to create a database of paid surveys, making them accessible to ordinary people like you. Since starting up two years ago, our business has gone from strength to strength. This is largely due to the fact that since the internet boom, companies are more competitive than they ever have been, which means they need specific customer feedback to continue progressing. The number of surveys available is growing month on month and number of people making great salaries by taking paid surveys has trippled in the last two years.


Q.) Are the surveys difficult? What kind of questions can I expect?

A.) Surveys vary, but it’s important to remember that they are NOT a test. The aim of most surveys is to find out how you as a consumer respond to a certain product. Some surveys and focus groups will want to test user journeys on their website, to establish how easy or difficult their site is to use. This is not a test about right or wrong - this is a way of doing research to enhance products and services by major global brands.


Q.) Why is there a joining fee?

A.) We require a joining fee for two reasons.

1) This minimal fee covers the administration required to maintain Get Paid Taking Surveys on a daily basis, serving over 10,000 members for whom we play a significant financial role.

2) When Get Paid Taking Surveys first took off, there was no joining fee, which meant that anyone could join, despite whether they were serious about making cash taking surveys. Lots of ‘non-serious’ applicants would leave surveys half unfinished, which wasn’t fair on our partnering companies. These surveys could have been taken and completed by serious members, who are here to make money and earn a living. We learnt quickly that a joining fee is the best way to rectify this issue, and so far, it’s worked a treat. It’s more organised and efficient, and means consistency for our companies and our members.